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Stockists – increase profits and keep your customers happy with an Orbix POS display stand

Calling all stockists! Did you know that you could improve sales and make your customers’ lives easier simply by using an Orbix Point of Sale (POS) display stand? If you’ve been selling Orbix products for a while and know that your electrician customers swear by them, our POS display stands are likely to be a great fit in your store. Take a look at the top three ways that one of our FREE Orbix POS display stand could increase your profits and please your sparky customers:

Customers can spot what they need at a glance

Tradespeople are naturally busy people. While some may plan for a leisurely stroll amongst the aisles of your store to see what’s new, you can guarantee that an awful lot more of them will want to get what they need and then be on to their next fix. An Orbix POS stand will save your customers time and energy when it comes to finding what they need. It may even give them a few spare minutes to peek at the rest of your range and expand their order.

A POS attracts more impulse buys

A sparky has come into your shop because they require some wire strippers. They find what they need and head to the till. En route they spot the Orbix HD Selection Pack in a clearly marked and easy to access display stand. They remember they’re a bit low on their favourite screws so decide to pick up some extras now rather than wait until they run out completely. It’s a good thing for them and a good thing for you as the amount they’re spending just went up!

One-time buyers become repeat customers

For tradespeople, time is of the essence. A clearly laid out and well signposted hardware store is easier to use and saves workers time (which is money, after all) and lets your customers know that they can rely on you to provide a great service and a straightforward shopping experience. That customer who just popped in on the off-chance you might sell something their usual stockist doesn’t, will be back.

The Orbix POS range

Orbix POS display stands don’t just help you to make more sales, they help your electrical customers to get what they need in a quick and efficient way. At Orbix we offer a wide range of display stands and shelving units including:

– Orbix countertop display units (CDUs)
– Orbix free standing display units (FSDUs)
– Display cases
– Window displays
– Banner displays
– And more

Interested to see if an Orbix display stand could help your sales to soar? Get in touch with us or request further information from your National Sales Account Manager.

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