About Orbix

About Orbix

The Orbix range has been developed to help speed up installation time for electricians – carefully designed for a reliable, efficient connection.

Electricians know that electrical cabling can easily snag on screws and fasteners, or that the screw edges can chafe away at the plastic casing. Not with Orbix self-drilling fasteners. Designed to include a flat top for snag-free installation.

Every Orbix screw has a flat underside too. That gives a larger bearing surface, cuts out any fiddly washers, and means accessories won’t bend either. No preparation, just drill, fix and tighten in one.The Orbix self-tapping screw rangeincludes standard and heavy-duty screws for metalwork, woodscrews and general purpose self-drilling screws for metal/PVC/wood combination installations.

We take a huge amount of pride in the quality of our workmanship, and every single Orbix product is designed and manufactured not only in accordance with the strictest guidelines and regulations, but in accordance with market need. Our customers know they get a product they can stake their reputation on – and we provide full technical specifications and technical product support for total reassurance.

UK Distribution
We’ve built up a network of more than 800 distributors for our product ranges, and we’re always keen to expand the network to ensure the UK’s tradesmen have access to the best screws and fasteners available – find out how to become a distributor. We carry a large amount of stock, and we offer a fast courier service for our products anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So whether you’re fixing metal to metal, metal to wood, fastening trunking, joining accessories to control panels, attaching armoured cable cleats, or you need to screw
directly into wood, Orbix electrical screws are up to the job. Get your hands on Orbix screws now. You just need to nearest distributor.

We’re changing the way you use electrical screws… how much time will you save?

Did you know that there is a more efficient way to secure electrical fixings – and it’s faster and easier than ever before? Don’t just take our word for it, order your free Orbix electrical fasteners sample today.

Product FAQs

Our products are custom designed by people who truly know what carpenters need – carpenters themselves. So, if you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. Check out our FAQs below or call 0845 241 9862.

No – Our self-tapping metal screws provide a large bearing surface designed to prevent buckling and avoiding the need for additional washers.

The Orbix metal screw range includes standard and heavy-duty screws for metalwork, wood screws and general-purpose self-drilling screws for electrical applications. We provide screws for fixing metal to metal and metal to wood as well as and combi tubs of screws fo fix metal to walls and plasterboard. We also provide tamper-resistant security screws for electrical applications.

There is no need to buy a drive tool separately. Each of our Orbix fasteners come with a free drive tool in every pack of screws, making your job even easier. If you need to purchase additional drive tools, get in contact with us.

Securing electrical fixings using traditional methods is a time-consuming process. Whilst the method works and has been used time and time again, an Orbix electrical fastener can save you time and equipment. There are no need for washers or drilling pilot holes. With an Orbix electrical screw no pre-drilling is required and all you’ll need is your screw, a cordless drill and a drive tool. No washers, no hassle!le.

What do our customers say?

Having a Sales Manager who is passionate and cares about the product and company they work for makes the difference. Our account manager is enthusiastic and wants us to sell their products and maximise growth. They put the time and effort in to help us achieve sales and nothing is to much trouble, the product sells itself but it needs people to do the rest.

As a retailer all the products I purchase through OSC are of outstanding quality with an order service second to none on deliveries which is a huge benefit to our company which I pass on to my customers

The spider drive bits arrived this morning in the post. I cannot thank OSC enough, I wish all companies had your sort of attitude to customer care. I will be sure to use you and recommend you in the future.

I will only use Orbix screws as I know they’ll fix anything on the first attempt. They’re made properly with sharp points and don’t wobble on the drill like the cheaper alternatives.

Widely renown Orbix products that customers ask for by name.  Rexel UK are proud to partner OSC and fulfil our customer’s requirements.

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