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Must-Haves for Electricians

Having good equipment is essential for electricians and can help ensure projects are completed faster, safer and easier. What’s more, improving your tools can have a hugely positive impact on how smoothly projects go and can make those tough jobs a little easier.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve had lots of experience manufacturing and supplying high-quality fasteners for electricians, helping them work better with the Orbix range.

Below are the standout Orbix products we have found electricians most want:

Orbix Selection Pack

The Orbix Selection Pack contains a range of low-profile head metal and Multi-wood screws. The pack also contains countersunk and pan head self-drilling screws and point caps – all designed especially for electricians to make your job easier.

Orbix HD Selection Pack

The Orbix HD Selection Pack contains hex heads and multi-purpose wood screws, drive tools and point caps, all packed in a hard-wearing case – perfect for those heavy-duty projects.

Orbix Security Screws

Orbix Security Screws are purpose-designed with security in mind, for those projects where safety and durability are paramount. For use in both domestic and commercial environments, these security screws are tamperproof and guaranteed for the life of the project.

Hex Head Self-Drilling Screws

Orbix Hex Head Self-Drilling Screws are designed for electricians, available in a range of sizes for any job. With these hex head self-drilling screws there’s no need to pre-drill and no nuts, bolts and spanners to fiddle with – allowing you to drill efficiently every time. Also our Hex heads can pierce up 12mm sheet steel.

Screw Point Caps

Orbix screw point caps, like all of the products in the Orbix range, are made specifically for electricians and allows you to cap off sharp screw points and protect cables with ease.

Like what you see? Be sure to explore the rest of the Orbix range for electricians, buy your Orbix screws at your local distributor, or get in touch with our team today with your enquiry.

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